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Hcare - Healthcare made easy

Healthcare made easy

Skip the waiting room and start a virtual primary or urgent care visit from the comfort of your home.

Experience a new kind of healthcare

H Care is healthcare built around you, your life, and your schedule.

Clinicians on your schedule

Connect in seconds, day or night, on weekends, and holidays.

Care that comes to you*

At-home follow-up care for labs, tests, and treatment.

Prescriptions made easy*

Contact-free prescriptions delivered right to your door.

Dedicated Care Teams

Quality time with your team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses.

Get the care you need in seconds, in all the moments that matter

Get treatment for non-emergency conditions with a virtual visit, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Your Care Team

H Care works with Care Medical, an independent medical practice. Your Care Team is a dedicated group of licensed doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses chosen to help you meet your health goals.

You’ll continue to see familiar faces when you visit with us for your ongoing care.
Your clinicians have experience with adult and children’s medicine with a focus on whole person care.
You can reconnect with your Care Team to answer your questions right from the app.


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