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Partner in Business Excellence

Ian Group

Ian Group is a large operating conglomerate –

we are Consortium company working in Consultancy, Contracting L.L.C, Trading Co., IT, and Media Agency as one of the leading companies, has acquired throughout the years the necessary expertise to trade, implement and maintain system.

Our state-of-the-art engineering and technology offers cost-effective solutions including: planning, designing, installation and maintenance, and project management.

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We Are Your Trusted Partner 

In Business And Innovation

It's our community, Let's Work Together to make a better future for everyone

Are you a budding Entrepreneur? Start-up? or Business Looking to Scale?

Are you a budding Entrepreneur? Start-up? An Idea ? or Business Looking to Scale? we are here to help, with our great infrastructure, and zeal to give back to the community, we provide mentor-ship, consultation and contacts to Break the ceiling touch the sky.

drop us a mail with your innovation idea at:

Our director will get back to you.

Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is part of Iancon Group culture. It is not just a statement or a corporate marketing tool, but a core value engraved in our shareholders and our employees.

Our social responsibility initiatives are spearheaded by one of our Director, Eng. Ajmal, who maintains a reasonable mix of major initiatives and tactical initiatives.

Some of the major initiatives we are working on includes Food and Water, Educational and Medical research and surgical facilities for underprivileged children across the South Asia, Middle East & Africa.

The social responsibility initiatives at Iancon Group help the entire team in maintaining a balanced-approach in the corporate world, allowing us to see a wider sense of responsibility and achievement. We welcome being contacted for new social responsibility initiatives. You may contact our Development Director and Head of Social Responsibility, Ajmal at

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I hope you enjoy your stay reading, and we would love to hear from you.
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"Team provided excellent consulting service as a consultant to revamp & enhance business processes"

- Khaled Bushnaq - Regional Chair of MENA Regional Network


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