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Corporate Responsibility


Our Initiatives

Our Wellness Programme
Environment & Sustainability
Our Community Initiatives
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Corporate Responsibility

We encourage responsible living through healthy lifestyles, entrepreneurial thinking, contribution to the community, whilst caring for the environment around us.

As an accountable corporate citizen, Ian Holding values the happiness of our employees, by encouraging creative and innovative thinking, the future community and the environment, which form the four core pillars of our Corporate Responsibility.

At Ian Holding, we firmly believe that the workplace is the ideal starting point to living responsibly, adopting a healthier lifestyle, whilst providing an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive.

With this philosophy, Ian Holding established the Ian Holding Corporate Wellness Programme, the first corporate wellness Programme in the region.

Initially to encourage wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle for our colleagues, the Programme has now extended to the wider community for a fitter, healthier city, with Ian Holding actively organizing, partnering and participating in wellness activities, as well as initiatives to develop innovative and entrepreneurial skills amongst employees.

Ian Holding contributes to several organizations and initiatives that benefit the community. We actively support the concept of sustainability across all of our companies, with environmental responsibility being high on the agenda. From our overarching Green Procurement Strategy and participation in global initiatives, to bespoke activities tailored to individual companies.

In addition, with our company-wide Entrepreneurs Challenge, we look to enhance our employees’ entrepreneurial skills to foster innovation and creative thinking. Therefore, ensuring Ian Holding is fully supportive of its Vision in achieving sustainable economic development whilst preserving the environment.

Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is part of Iancon Group culture. It is not just a statement or a corporate marketing tool, but a core value engraved in our shareholders and our employees.

Our social responsibility initiatives are spearheaded by one of our Director, Eng. Ajmal, who maintains a reasonable mix of major initiatives and tactical initiatives.

Some of the major initiatives we are working on includes Food and Water, educational and medical research and surgical facilities for underprivileged children across the South Asia, Middle East & Africa.

The social responsibility initiatives at Iancon Group help the entire team in maintaining a balanced-approach in the corporate world, allowing us to see a wider sense of responsibility and achievement. We welcome being contacted for new social responsibility initiatives. You may contact our Development Director and Head of Social Responsibility, Ajmal at


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