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Security Solutions

Security Solutions Design and Implementation of CCTV Camera in Dubai, Northern Emirates Want to keep an eye on your loved ones while you’re ...

Security Solutions

Design and Implementation of CCTV Camera in Dubai, Northern Emirates

Want to keep an eye on your loved ones while you’re away from home? Has your babysitter been acting weird lately? Security is of utmost importance whether it’s your family, your home or business. Our team has successfully delivered several projects for design and Implementation of CCTV Camera in Dubai and across regions in UAE. Our CCTV consultants will help you to select the best systems more aligned with your requirements and supporting the site conditions in which they will operate.

We provide CCTV systems committed to monitoring activities at home or in work areas. Our well-designed and highly advanced CCTV security system will allow you to remotely monitor activities while you carry out your daily tasks. We let our customers take a well-informed decision.


Computers CO LLC is one of the trusted SIRA approved Surveillance Solutions provider in Dubai and U.A.E. We are additionally added among the eminent CCTV based installer in Dubai, UAE by SIRA. Our CCTV administrations shift from CCTV frameworks establishments, CCTV camera execution, utilization of SMART CCTV programming advances and better video stockpiling based administrations. IANCON High Tech is an organization with an encounter of more than 20 years in the Security field. Being a prominent CCTV Surveillance Installation service provider in UAE offers remarkable service on CCTV camera design, installation, and maintenance service. Our qualified professionals are committed to delivering the best quality service, offering the services on most competitive, highly innovative and technology products for your security and surveillance requirements. We look to build a safe and secure environment across Commercial and residential segments. IANCON High Tech reigns the industry for the past two decades delivering our wide range of services to both Government and Corporate sectors.

Our services range through:

Corporate CCTV Surveillance Solutions
CCTV Surveillance solutions for residents
Network CCTV Solutions
Give Your Business/ Belongings A Surveillance

A standout amongst the most financially savvy approaches to furnish security in the work environment is with CCTV Security or Video Surveillance Systems. The exceedingly cutting edge innovation of present-day surveillance cameras enable organizations to bring down expense and hazard by ensuring their benefits with ceaseless and consistent checking of their offices. These moderately cheap cameras have in the most part supplanted costly security monitors while expanding the unwavering quality and responsibility to close 100% by giving ongoing remote video reconnaissance. Here are six reasons why CCTV frameworks are significant and very fundamental for organizations today:

Diminish Cost and Risk CCTV security frameworks substantiate themselves as the best venture when they are introduced. Full perspective on your premises and ongoing account just as remote online access by proprietor/director brings down the hazard and counteracts exorbitant episodes, for example, robbery, fire, vandalism, and so forth.

Counteract and Deter Crime Offenders target structures and offices when they see there is no checking or guard dog. The very nearness of CCTV cameras on an establishment is sufficient to discourage potential offenders and avert their activity at the beginning. So also, by seeing a security danger, representatives can make the vital move to decrease the hazard and ease the source in the most limited potential occasions.

Error proof Coverage A well-structured CCTV foundation is for all intents and purposes impervious and can give 100% inclusion. Different cameras watching out for one another's vulnerable sides notwithstanding watching out for the most helpless zones of the property, full checking isn't hampered by human mistakes, for example, the gatekeeper being on closed eye or being occupied with something different. Remote online access just as account of the occasions archives everything should it be required by the police or judge.

Keep Your Employees Honest CCTV cameras outwardly anticipate break-ins by untouchables, yet whenever introduced inside the office to screen touchy materiel, merchandise, and resources, just as powerless zones of an office, it will forestall wrong doing by organization representatives. Regardless of whether something occurs, the recorded video will forestall wrong allegation and absence of trust among all staff.

Empower Good Behavior CCTV cameras help in making discipline among representatives and clients alike. CCTV cameras urge workers and purchasers to be on their best conduct alike. It likewise gives clients a conviction that all is good and wellbeing as they probably am aware they are secured and gives them trust in working with you. Avoid Safety Incidents CCTV cameras can be introduced in high-chance regions of a business office or foundation. These high-hazard and clumsy zones incorporate areas where flames can break out just as areas where a potential threat to the structure and faculty exist. Appropriately chosen cameras can counteract potential harm since crisis measures can be taken quickly with cautious observing.

Help Law Enforcement CCTV recording of the scene of the wrongdoing, permit law authorization organizations to utilize the recording and discharge photographs and recordings of the guilty parties to general society. An image or a video record of the suspect can have a gigantic effect with regards to making a capture and getting perilous crooks off the road.

Choose Appropriate Solutions Our technicians can help you choose the right set of configuration in accordance to your requirement:

Surveillance for your home and office environments are an inevitable requirement. IANCON High Tech can help you install specially designed high-performance cost-effective vault cameras for the same.

The vault camera is one most usually utilized for indoor and outside security and reconnaissance. The state of the camera makes it hard for spectators to tell which way the camera is confronting, which is a solid bit of configuration, hindering offenders by making an appearance of vulnerability. Different advantages of this sort of camera include. Different advantages of inner and outer vault cameras include: Simplicity of establishment, Vandal-safe highlights, IR night vision. Monitor the premises of your consideration using bullet cameras.

Bullet cameras are long and round and hollow fit as a fiddle and are perfect for outside use. Their qualities lie explicitly in applications which require long separation seeing. Introduced inside defensive housings, the cameras are protected against residue, earth, and other normal components. The cameras can without much of a stretch be mounted with a mounting section, and come fitted with either fixed or varifocal focal points relying upon the necessities of its expected application. IR night vision, Smaller size guides establishment and Brilliant picture goals are the major advantages of bullet cameras

We help you install C- Mount cameras which can allocate separable focal points. This camera can help you create an overall surveillance. Accompanying separable focal points, C-mount cameras take into consideration straightforward focal point changes to fit various applications. C-mount cameras can cover past 40 ft gratitude to the likelihood to utilize unique focal points with these cameras, while standard CCTV focal points can just cover separations of 35-40 ft. You Can bolster changes in innovation and it is Viable for indoor use. We help you install day/night cameras which are equipped for working in both ordinary and dreary situations. These cameras profit by not requiring inbuilt infrared illuminators as they can catch clear video pictures in obscurity on account of their additional delicate imaging chips. Thus, these cameras are perfect for open-air observation applications in which IR cameras are unfit to work ideally. You will be able to record in both shading and dark and white. It also has infrared viability.

PTZ – Pan/tilt/zoom – cameras enable the camera to be moved left or right (panning), up and down (tilting) and even enable the focal point to be zoomed nearer or more distant. These cameras are utilized in circumstances where a live gatekeeper or observation expert is there working the security frameworks. Different advantages of PTZ cameras include: 200m IR night vision, X36 optical zoom and excellent picture goals A standout amongst the best 24-hour surveillance cameras beneficial for air terminals, seaports, loads up and numerous other basic frameworks with quality pictures, regardless of what time of day it is. Infrared cameras have little LEDs encompassing the focal point to help get moving figures in the pitch dark. Warm picture cameras can see over long separations, up to 300 meters away!

Major advantage of infrared camera is it can distinguish interlopers up 250-300 meters away Our qualified professionals can install and manage every complex requirement of network cameras. These cameras share the pictures over the web, so CCTV film can be effectively gotten to. Network cameras are perfect for both local and business purposes since you can perceive what's happening while far from the property. Network cameras can benefit you by transmitting information to remote location. It is perfect for homes and organizations. Less cabling and less upkeep is the highlight

Camera Monitoring Service

We keep your business in view with insightful monitoring of key business activities. Easily keep track of activities that help you actively manage your business even when you’re not there.

We monitor cameras at your store for key business activities and report it. For example, know how many customers are unattended on a Saturday afternoon at your store
You get summarized insightful reports (spreadsheets) and available via the web or email
Live or archive monitoring available
Interval analysis available. See what’s happening at your store every 15 minutes
Notification of triggered events by email or phone. You can customize the trigger events
We sell and install cameras and recording equipment
We can monitor your existing camera installations
Our turnkey solutions make it easy for businesses to get started without costly investments.

Real ROI : A wireless retail firm gains over $500/month each location through time-theft savings. They earn an extra $1,000/month at each location in increased sales.

Key Business Activities Monitored

We monitor key activities that you care about for your business. Some examples include:

Employees in dress code and their in/out hours
Customer count and short/over staff situations
Employees greeting/not greeting customers and their idle time
Security, theft and any suspicious activities are reported
You can customize the activities you want monitored (summarized by employees/locations) Get insight into your business


The intrusion detection systems are designed and used to signal threats in facilities under protection in the case of an intrusion or theft. The intrusion detection system can also function as an indicator of other dangers, such as personal alarm in case of health problems or robbery, gas leakage, fire detection, flood and other incidents.

How it Works:
An intrusion detection system is comprised of three general peripheral devices positioned in strategic locations to provide security based on the required protection level.

These systems can be paired with smartphone alarm devices that communicate alarms or other information to a central station or to antecedently programmed phone numbers.


Indoor – Our indoor cameras help keep your home safe and secure. For indoor protection, motion sensors can be installed to cover the area to be safeguarded. We install dual technology or PIR detectors and magnetic contacts on doors and windows of access to the building/house.

Perimeter – Our perimeter protection technology helps to prevent external threats from entering your premises. For this type of protection detectors are installed in the outside or “recessed” in the doors and/or windows for scanning the facades of the buildings. Detectors which use to protect your premises usually consist of the active infrared beam barriers, the fence detector, and the buried cable (or directly installed in the building), the magnetic contacts on the doors and windows.

Objects – Object protection combines several detection and protection technologies. It is usually used to protect valuable items at the museums and art galleries.

Anti-theft – The anti-theft system is used to prevent the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. For this type of protection, magnetic barriers are installed at the exits. For the protection of valuable items tiny sensors that, when passing through the operating range of the barriers, trigger an alarm. There are numerous types of sensors: stickers, pins, cords etc.

Technical Alarms – Protection against fire, flood, gas leakage and other risks.


The three kind of peripheral devices are:


A detector is a device that detects a certain type of violation. There are certain types of detectors. The detectors used for intruder detection and panic alarm are as follows.

Passive Infrared Motion Detector – Uses the principle of passive detection of the amount of infrared radiation released by a body.

Active Infrared Detectors – Used in the barriers. It triggers the alarm if there is an interruption of the infrared beam between the emitter and receiver cells.

Dual Technology Motion Detector – Uses infrared and microwave detection technology. The alarm triggers only when both sensors are activated hence it reduces the false alarm rate.

Glass Break Acoustic Detector – Used to detect breakage of a glass.

Magnetic Contact – Is used to protect doors and windows; it triggers the alarm when it’s open.

Panic Button – Handheld panic button; often used for bedridden patients.

Flood Detector – Detect the presence of liquids.

Gas Detector – Detect the presence of gas or gas leakage.

Fire Detector – Optical models detect smoke and thermal models used to detect the rapid temperature increase.


The main function of these devices is to command and operate security systems. Operating keyboards and remote controls are devices that allow the user to interact with the system.

Keyboards – Allow the introduction of codes, program and interaction with the security system.

Remote controls – Arm/disarm the system and activating systems programmable outputs.

Phone communicator – Despite being an alert device, at the same time, it permits the user to access the remote panel and perform all the control operations as if using a keyboard.


These devices allow the security system to send the alert on the occurrence of an incident.

Sirens – Allow the introduction of codes, program and interaction with the security system.

Phone communicator – A device that can communicate alarms to a central station.


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