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IT, NETWORKING & WIFI SOLUTIONS IN UAE A strong network is the foundation of every smart home wifi coverage. How impeccably your smart d...


A strong network is the foundation of every smart home wifi coverage. How impeccably your smart devices coordinate and work together to their full potential, depends entirely on how robust is the network they are running on! We provide a fully integrated network of switches, routers, wireless access points, power management, and software technologies.

We provide our clients with Home security solutions in UAE according to their needs. We also make sure not to install any unnecessary devices that may compromise price and efficiency. By creating the WiFi heat maps of your home or office we determine the optimal solution through studying the quality of WiFi coverage transmitting from your access point (or whether we should move it, add another access point, or otherwise tweak your network).

Switching & routing

Reduce latency; Increase speed; Better performance

Interconnect Your Business

Interconnect Your Business

The objective of a business network is to establish a stable connection between employees, customers, business partners and to important applications. IANCON High Tech understands the importance of a business network and help enterprises in building cost-effective, high-performance networks for the past two decades. Effective information sharing and resource allocation, helps organizations save money and increase productivity. IANCON High Tech Team specialized in managing both Managed and Unmanaged Switches can effectively build you a high-performance network campus. Routers used to tie multiple networks together can be used to connect your networked computers to the Internet and thereby share an Internet connection among many users. We help you connect your business to the outside world, protect your information from security threats, and can even decide which computers get priority over others. IANCON High Tech specialized in developing software-driven digital networking architecture from Cisco can evolve your organization beyond concepts of connectivity. Our digital networking architecture can cover virtualization, security, compliance, insights, analytics and digital infrastructures. In addition to reducing your cost and complexity, we bring you scalability, manageability, and efficiency to your enterprise network.

Depending on your business and your networking plans, IANCON High Tech team can choose from solutions that include different capabilities.

Wireless LAN (WLAN): We help you utilize Wireless Network Technologies like Wi-Fi to create networks.

Campus Area Network (CAN): These networks well suits for Universities and educational institutions which can spread across several buildings that are fairly close to each other so users can share resources.

Storage-Area Network (SAN): We can develop a dedicated high-speed network that connects shared pools of storage devices to several servers

System Area Network (SAN): This network can provide you high-speed connection in server-to-server applications, storage area networks, and processor-to-processor applications

Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN): Overcome your concerns about supporting traditional Ethernet protocols and network applications such as PoE (Power over Ethernet) using Passive Optical Local Area Network which integrates to structured cablings.

Virtual Private Network(VPN): This network let its users send and receive data as if their devices were connected to the private network – even if they’re not. Here users access to a private network through a virtual point to point connection, remotely.

Importance Of A Trusted Service Provider

Our Routing & Switching Solutions can improve your organization's core by enabling your company to increase productivity, cut business costs, and improve security and customer service. IANCON High Tech understands switching and routing is the core of your network. Using well-constructed network design reduces latency and increases the speed of a network to deliver a better performance. At IANCON High Tech we take into consideration a variety of elements when determining which design works best for you such as L2, L3, LAN base, IPbase, redundancy, broadcast domain, collision domain, multicasting, POE, PEO+, stacking, and SFP. We are here to help design, implement, and support with a high speed network that delivers on both security and performance.

Firewall & Network Security

We provide Information Security and Data Protection services and it can effectively add more protection against interruptions, Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Adware, Keyloggers, Malicious Mobile Code (MMC), and different perilous applications. Current dangers like online malware assaults, directed assaults, application-layer assaults, and more have had an altogether negative impact on the risk scene. Firewall security solutions at IANCON High Tech is meant to shield your business from programmers assault and other Internet dangers. We go for maintaining your business smooth with no stress over verifying your information. We gives firewall programming and equipment firewall to shield your information from any malicious assaults and startling emergencies.

How important Firewall Installation Is?

Bundle Filtering The data trade that happens between the framework and the Internet is isolated into little lumps of information parcels. These information bundles are separated and on the off chance that they pass the bill they are acknowledged, else they're disposed of. It shields the steering motor from malevolent programming or untrusted bundles.

Intermediary administration/Application layer firewall Intermediary servers are the propelled phase of the separating where they act at the application layer of the firewall. The principle idea driving this intermediary server setup is that they unify all the action at a solitary server making it conceivable to perform different capacities separated from simply checking for the port numbers and source goal addresses.

Stateful investigation This sort of firewall is designed so that it recognizes real bundles for different kinds of associations. In this kind of separating the whole data of the bundle isn't dissected rather just key segments are checked with a believed database source. Bundles that coordinate the criteria for a predefined association are just permitted to pass. SPI is additionally called stateful bundle examination and is broadly utilized for business organizes as a security highlight. A business organize can't depend on modest SSL endorsements or normal firewall security - they generally need top of the line insurance.

Circuit-level portal firewall These firewalls work at the session layer of the OSI model. They are explicitly intended to screen the TCP handshaking to guarantee whether an association is genuine or not.

Start Filtering Your Devices.

Our Software and Hardware Firewall arrangements are both intended to square unapproved access to PCs in your system. A firewall programming code is introduced on every individual PC it's intended to ensure. This can wind up costly and hard to keep up and support. Be that as it may, an equipment based firewall is simpler to keep up and manage than individual programming firewalls. It secure every one of the PCs on your system.

Our firewall security arrangements is a combination of system and physical security for an increasing demand that addresses your issues. This enables you to include incorporated safety from programmers, spam, malicious sites and data fraud. We give secure access to empower specialists at home, at remote destinations, or venturing out to associate with your business securely. Actually, over 80% of all new malware and interruption endeavors are misusing shortcomings in applications, rather than shortcomings in systems administration parts and administrations. Our stateful firewalls installation services with straightforward bundle shifting abilities were productive blocking undesirable applications as most applications met the protocol desires. Managers could expeditiously keep a risky application from being gotten to by clients by hindering the related ports and protocols.

Our Solutions can help you get: Predominant visibility into dangerous movement, suspicious traffic, and propelled dangers causes you recover control of your system. We brings you Ground-breaking cutting edge protection advancements like profound learning and interruption counteractive action to keep your association secure. Programmed risk reaction in a split second distinguishes and disconnects traded off frameworks on your system can prevents dangers from spreading.

New savvy firewalls offer security, availability and execution in a little structure factor machine at a very moderate value point Improve remote security and execution for SMBs and dispersed undertakings with new cloud-based sending and the board arrangements Get continuous protection for business-basic SaaS applications, including Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box and Dropbox Identify Real-Time Threats. Plan Security Based on Real-World Conditions.

Why IANCON High Tech?

More than two decades of service excellence in the U.A.E
Virtual Assistant provides quick support to all AMC customers
Named engineers provide expert support remotely and onsite
Certified and experienced support engineers
Affiliated to all major global OEMs
Well defined escalation matrix
Dedicated account managers
24/7 on-site critical support
Online ticketing system
Knowledge sessions

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