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Broadband Team

ABOUT US: CALL US to FIX YOUR ISSUE: 050-1638882 Broadband Team Broadband Team was initiated from understanding that public struggle with th...


CALL US to FIX YOUR ISSUE: 050-1638882

Broadband Team

Broadband Team was initiated from understanding that public struggle with their Broadband service and are unsure where to turn. When searching for solutions you're faced with companies that are lacking in customer service, have little experience with customer education and may be a bit intimidating to deal with. Other companies and IT personnel may focus on ultra-high-end products and complex installations, high charging rates.

That's where we come in.
We've seen thousands of people just like you who are distress with horrible WiFi performance.
Your solution is us, we have the reliable, reasonably priced solution and we want to help.

The depth of our knowledge, expertise, and reliability guides us in all of our day-to-day operations.
Over the decade of customer service, we've helped countless customers with the planning, installation and troubleshooting of data networks, telephony, cable television, home theatre and of course - WiFi networks.
we understand what's important to you - and how to deliver it.
Our mission is to provide our customers with quality products and impeccable service, through a patient, informative approach - for a reasonable price.
With over twenty years of customer service and installations experience we understand what's important to you - and how to deliver it.

We look forward to serving you.


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Say Goodbye to 

Flaky WiFi

Call Us For Reliable, Hassle-Free WiFi!

Wifi Where You Want It

Services we offer:

Business WiFi, Home WiFi, WiFi Survey, Network Cabling, Network CCTV, External WiFi, Point-to-Point WiFi, Bar and Cafe WiFi, Hotel WiFi, Small Business WiFi, Venue WiFi, Mesh

Are You Suffering With Slow, Lousy WiFi?

Do your kids complain their games lag or the internet is too slow?

Are there areas of your home that just don't get a signal at all?

Does streaming video like Netflix® and YouTube® stop, stutter and buffer?

Do you find your devices keep losing their signal?

Would you enjoy WiFi in the yard, your garage, the barn or by the pool?

Here's What Broadband Team Can Do For You

Your family will enjoy speedy, highly reliable WiFi coverage.

Experience fluid gaming, increased productivity and a higher quality of service.

Get you connected in every corner of your house, yard and outbuildings.

We'll reduce or eliminate those WiFi "dead spots" that drive you crazy.

We'll help you and your family to be more productive and have more fun.

The WiFi Paradigm of Today

We're spending more time online than ever before.

We access the internet, stream movies, listen to our favourite music and send massive files to and from the cloud. With the rapid growth of IoT and home automation, we're adding WiFi-enabled devices to all corners of our home. Home Automation is expanding in size and scope, and it requires solid wifi performance to work well.

We're accessing the internet for a lot more than just entertainment. Business communications, virtual doctor's visits, e-commerce, homework research, government and municipal services... the list keeps expanding.

Reliable, speedy WiFi access is no longer a luxury; it's a must have.

Building on your existing internet service, The Broadband Team will supercharge your WiFi. We utilize dependable, enterprise-grade hardware and sound planning methods to provide your home, business, or agricultural property with blazing fast WiFi access you can count on.

Call The Broadband Team and we'll have your WiFi flying in no time!
No Constant Rebooting. No Maintenance. No Monthly Fees. No Hassles.

Say goodbye to flaky WiFi!


Stay Connected - Everywhere

The Broadband Team can eliminate those annoying dead spots in the house, garage or on your property.

Stop hunting for a WiFi signal or moving to a certain spot in your home just to get a signal! It’s supposed to be easy. Call The Broadband Team and we’ll make WiFi a pleasure to use.

WiFi In The Stables & Riding Ring

Allow your clients, guests and staff the ability to connect while in the stables and ring. Stream video, Skype and cast music.

Stop relying on your expensive cell data and stay connected everywhere. Your Vet will love you too!

The Connected Home

From doorbells to locks, cameras to light bulbs, thermostats to garage doors, just about every device can be connected to the cloud.

Ensure your devices work smoothly by staying connected to a strong signal.

Wifi Where You Want It

Broadband Team provide superior wifi coverage to your entire home. Whether it's a 1200 square foot bungalow or a 10,000 square foot luxury home, Broadband Team have you covered!

Your entire property can be covered with quality WiFi service! Keep streaming your music, watch video, check your security cameras or read those important emails anywhere at home.

If you prefer, we’ll focus on delivering WiFi to a specific area of your home or property. We're able to deploy Point to Point service from your main residence to your shop, guest house, garage or barn up to 10 kilometres away*.

(*certain limitations apply)

Service Provider Independent

Your new wireless access points will work with any internet provider you choose. Even if you switch internet companies your WiFi service will continue to be optimized for your environment.

There are no additional monthly fees paid to us or to your internet provider when you use our access points. It's similar to adding cordless telephones to your home; you enjoy convenient access to your service from more locations, without any additional monthly cost.

(*certain limitations apply)

How We Do It

Broadband Team utilize a mix of wired and wireless technologies to facilitate the installation of Access Points in your home, on the property, in the barn or stable.

We'll determine the best placement of your new access points and the routing of any cables that may be required. Many newer homes have the necessary wiring in place, thereby simplifying the installation and reducing cost. When the wiring isn’t in place, we have methods of using alternate communications wiring, or can install the necessary ethernet cables as needed.

Indoor access points are relatively small; about the size of a smoke detector. Some models are installed on the wall and are very sleek and inconspicuous. Outdoor equipment range in size depending on the application.

We strive to leave the cleanest, least intrusive installation possible. Your new wireless access points should blend into their surroundings nicely, because truly, aesthetics matter. We take pride in our craftsmanship and treat your home as we would our own.

You won't have to worry about complex set-up, maintenance or rebooting of our equipment after it's been installed. A real benefit of our enterprise grade equipment is its stability and ease of use.

You can just forget it's there doing its job - and focus on doing the things that you want to do, hassle free.

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